Saturday, December 1, 2018

Great Santini Fans! Our Pat Conroy's Beaufort Tour includes a stop at the Beaufort National Cemetery

Donald Conroy, the Great Santini, was not so happy that his son, Pat Conroy, had killed him off in the book "The Great Santini."  But when the movie "The Great Santini" came out, his father realized he was somewhat of a hero and started to attend book signings with Pat.  After Pat signed a copy with something like "Best Wishes, Pat Conroy", his father would grab the book and sign "The Great Santini still lives!"  He was heard to have said to a nurse that he would be the only person ever buried in the Beaufort National Cemetery twice, once in the movie "The Great Santini" and then in real life...!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Monday dig - an almost intact 300+ year old Native American bowl is found

Day One of the St. Augustine Dig:

 St. Augustine celebrated its 450th Anniversary last year (1565 to 2015).  Since Beaufort's Santa Elena was started by Pedro Menendez a year later in 1566, this year, 2016, is the 450th anniversary of Santa Elena.

 Carl Halbirt, City Archaeologist for the City of St. Augustine, holds the 300+ year old Native American almost intact pot.  To decorate the outside of the pot, a board with a set pattern was pushed against the clay before it was fired.

 Jennifer Clark from First Coast News films a close up shot.

 Before the pot is carefully removed from its 300+ year old hole.

 Carl carefully examines the pot, treating it with extra care.

 Clay fired pottery sherds

 Our good friend Moses works the shovel

Russi and Nick discuss the dig under the tent

 Sifting to find unearthed buried treasure